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Vintage & Historic

Non-Yamaha Musical Instruments

of Interest & Curiosity for Sale

Thank you for taking the time to look at the Vintage & Historic Non-Yamaha Musical Products offered here. All Instruments featured here have been selected as Instruments I personally feel would be of interest to you as Musicians and Instrument Collectors. They represent instruments from manufacturers from across the Globe and Centuries, Vintage, Rare and the Unusual, Beautiful to Battle Scarred. None of these instruments have been selected for their modern playability, but rather of their period interest and basis for adding to a growing collection.

Disclaimer: The Vintage & Historic Instruments featured here are offered through and its Affiliates. Please check the linked sale page for local availabilities, shipping and handling fees and other relevant terms and conditions. All featured Instruments are offered through external sellers and YamahaCollector takes no responsibility for inaccuracies in the items listed, the description, the condition or any other aspect of the sale. Please use all usual precautions you would normally use with any online purchase and purchase. The YamahaCollector Loyalist page uses revenue from sales made through these links to continue the development and upkeep of this Loyalist website.

List your own Vintage & Historic Instrument for sale: If you currently have a Vintage or Historic Musical Instrument for sale and listed on eBay, please feel free to email me a link to your item and I will endeavour to include it on this page.

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